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Effects of a Birth Injury as Your Child Grows

Pursuing Maximum Compensation to Handle Your Family's Needs

While some birth injuries can be treated or managed with minimal impact, most require extensive rehabilitation or even lifelong care. Dealing with the financial and emotional impact of a birth injury can be challenging for any family. Therefore, if your child's injury or condition was caused by doctor error or medical negligence, you have the right to seek compensation not only for immediate concerns, but also for the long-term consequences of caring for a child with permanent disabilities.

Miller Weisbrod, LLP stands up for the rights of families in Texas and across the country whose children were injured due to doctor or hospital negligence. Our skilled attorneys bring their extensive trial experience and wealth of resources to each and every case to help families obtain maximum compensation for both short- and long-term concerns.

Did your child sustain an infant brain injury or other complication due to medical negligence during birth? If so, contact our firm today to discuss your real options for pursuing legal action to hold liable parties responsible.

Long-Term Effects of a Birth Injury

Families of children with cerebral palsy or other conditions caused by birth injury must adapt their lifestyles to attend to the constant care these children require. In addition to managing budgets for ongoing therapies such as physical therapy or behavioral therapy, parents may also need to coordinate special education, attendant care or structural changes to their homes to accommodate a wheelchair, among other things. Siblings, too, must learn to adapt to living with a brother or sister who receives constant attention and is considered "different" by others.

Furthermore, a child's needs will develop as he or she grows into an adolescent or adult. Depending on his or her intellectual and physical capabilities, he or she may need:

  • Additional counseling to cope with emotional or psychological challenges
  • Vocational training or employment assistance programs
  • Special independent living accommodations

Parents must also consider how the care of their disabled child will be facilitated should anything unexpected happen to them.

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We seek to help families with disabled children meet these challenges head on. In addition to seeking maximum financial compensation to ease the financial burden of caring for a child or adult with disabilities, our goal is to help families maintain the stability they need to give their child the best chance at living a normal life.

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