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Delivery Room Negligence

Midwife & Obstetrician Errors Change Lives Forever

When a doctor makes a mistake, a patient's life may be on the line. When a careless physician, obstetrician (OBGYN), midwife or delivery room nurse is guilty of negligence, an entire family may have to pay the emotional price.

When labor and delivery room nurses and physicians fail to recognize signs of complications and respond quickly and appropriately, a serious birth injury may be the inevitable result. If you suspect medical malpractice is to blame for your child's birth injury, please contact the Dallas offices of Miller Weisbrod today.

Experience Makes a Difference in Cases of Deliver Room Negligence

Our capable attorneys have extensive experience trying and settling cases involving birth injuries resulting from medical malpractice and delivery room negligence, including misdiagnosis of fetal conditions and error in the use of forceps or vacuum extractors in delivery.

We offer sound legal advice, caring support and aggressive representation in cases where a child's life and a family's future have been profoundly affected by labor and delivery room negligence resulting in serious birth injury, such as:

  • Cerebral palsy and other forms of physical, mental or developmental disorder
  • Shoulder dystocia and other damage to the joints, spine or nerves resulting in paralysis or other physical disability
  • Infant brain injury resulting in permanent disability, mental retardation or death

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If you have a child who has suffered a birth injury, we believe you have a right to know whether labor and deliver room negligence was the cause. If a doctor's error or nurse's carelessness is to blame, you have a right to seek financial compensation in an insurance claim or lawsuit. We can help. Contact the lawyers of Miller Weisbrod today. We can offer you a free and careful evaluation of your case.