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Family sues North American Spine center after father's death

by: Marie Saavedra, WFAA July 6, 2015

"I really do think he was sold that they really could provide the relief he needed"

The family of Paul Trevithick filed a lawsuit alleging medical negligence led to his death.


DALLAS — A Minnesota family has filed suit against Dallas-based North American Spine and some of its partner medical facilities claiming negligence in treatment of their father lead to his death.

Photographs capture what was truly important to Paul Trevithick.

"That was his life... whether it was with grandkids or working in his garage, he spent a lot of time in the outdoors," said his son Damon.

By age 58, back pain kept Trevithick from keeping up. It was early last year when he found North American Spine in Dallas, offering minimally invasive procedures.

"I really do think he was sold that they really could provide the relief he needed," Damon said.

Paul Trevithick set his first surgery for April, 2014. He would be dead before the year ended.

"I thought this was great for him to get past what I thought of as just a small hurdle," Damon said. "And yeah, it turned out not to be a small hurdle."

Paul Trevithick hoped that minimally invasive back surgery could ease his crippling pain.
But family members claim that negligence led to his unexpected death.

The family has filed suit, alleging that North American Spine, its partner surgical facilities, and a doctor were negligent with Trevithick's care, which led to his death.

Dallas attorney Les Weisbrod represents the family. He said after the first procedure in April didn't ease Trevithik's pain, he set a second one for September 17. The suit alleges that as Trevithick returned home to Minnesota, spinal fluid leaked through his body to his brain.

His cause of death two weeks later was meningitis.

"I don't see any evidence of any concern for patient safety anywhere along the line with anything associated with North American Spine," Weisbrod said.


We reached out to representatives of North American Spine and the surgical facilities named in suit for comment, but they declined to speak about Trevithick's case.

A visit to their websites show pages and pages of glowing patient testimonials from people praising their treatment, and how their life has changed for the better.

The Trevithicks feel those are false promises of a future their father and grandfather didn't get to see.

Dallas-based North American Spine is named in a lawsuit filed by a Minnesota family.