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18-Wheeler Logbook Fraud

A trucker's logbook is the most valuable piece of evidence when pursuing a truck accident claim. All too often, however, evidence found in the logbook can easily disappear or be obscured in the course of investigation following a severe trucking accident. To protect your rights, it is important to contact a skilled legal team with extensive experience handling the investigation and litigation of trucking accidents.

Miller Weisbrod, LLP, is nationally recognized for the swift execution and aggressive representation they provide for injured victims and their families nationwide. We have the resources and trial experience to take immediate steps to protect your right to maximum compensation for accidents involving fraudulent trucking logbooks, other driver errors and corporate negligence.

Time is of the essence. We may need to take immediate action to protect your rights against trucking company and insurance carrier investigators who often seek to limit their responsibility to pay. Please contact our offices in Dallas today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced trial lawyer.

Taking Immediate Action to Preserve Necessary Evidence

Truckers are generally paid based on how many miles they cover within their allotted driving period. This standard, however, can create incentive to fudge hours of service to ensure better pay. Due to advances in technology, there are many ways to verify the information contained in a trucking logbook. In the course of our investigation, we will:

  • Review hours logged using onboard computer systems
  • Investigate lockout devices designed to prevent drivers from using onboard computers while driving to ensure
    they have not been tampered with
  • Verify drivers complied with federal regulations regarding hours of service,
    which, in general, allow 10 consecutive hours following eight hours of rest
  • Investigate service hour violations by checking mileage on the truck's engine computer
  • Obtain and review any cell phone records, calling cards, food or fuel receipts or GPS information
    to verify statements made by the driver or company regarding route and time logged

It is important to remember that all of these pieces of evidence can rapidly disappear after a trucking accident, because any evidence of falsified logs can lead to significant — read million- or multimillion-dollar — recoveries on behalf of the plaintiff. To maximize your recovery, time is of the essence. Immediate investigation and swift legal action are necessary to preserve key evidence needed to determine liability.

Contact Miller Weisbrod

The trucking company and the insurance carrier have a common goal: to keep you from getting the compensation you may deserve. If you were hurt or a loved one was severely injured or died in a commercial trucking accident, it is vitally important that you speak with an experienced attorney before you give any statements or sign any papers.

To discuss your case in full detail with one of our Texas 18-wheeler accident lawyers, contact our offices in Dallas toll free at 888.987.0005 to schedule a free consultation. You may also contact us by e-mail now for more information or to schedule an appointment. Miller Weisbrod represents truck accident victims nationwide.