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Routine Hernia Procedure Leaves Patient Brain Damaged

October 7, 2014

A medical malpractice lawsuit was filed this morning by the daughter of a Gunter, TX woman against a Sherman, TX doctor. Mary Ann Wynn, daughter of 77-year-old Nelda Ruth Gravley, is suing Christopher Frank Lucchese, D.O. and Texas Health Physicians Group of Sherman, TX. Ms. Wynn is filing the case on behalf of her mother, who was incapacitated by the medical procedure performed by Dr. Lucchese.

  • Mrs. Nelda Gravley went into the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on October 22, 2012, for a reduction of a large hiatal hernia containing colon and stomach to be performed laparoscopically.
  • During the surgical procedure performed by Dr. Lucchese, both Mrs. Gravley’s bowel and esophagus were perforated.
  • When Mrs. Gravley began to have respiratory issues along with questionable bowel reherniation, no CT scan was ordered until the afternoon of the 25th.
  • Due to the substandard medical care provided by Dr. Lucchese, Mrs. Gravley is left with brain damage, needs 24 hour a day care and is not capable of ever living alone.

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