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Shoulder Pain Pumps

The False Promises of a Quick Fix for Shoulder Pain

In general, pain pumps are relatively safe surgical implants used to deliver analgesic medication directly to an injury. When a pump is used to treat shoulder pain, however, permanent cartilage destruction, known as postarthroscopic glenohumeral chrondrolysis (PAGCL), may be the result.


If you or a loved one suffered permanent joint damage after the implantation of a shoulder pain pump, we invite you to contact the Dallas office of Miller Weisbrod today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced defective medical device and medical malpractice lawyer.

Athletes and Shoulder Pain Pumps

Shoulder pain, irritation or a torn rotator cuff are injuries often suffered by high school, college and professional athletes. Doctors and device manufacturers know that serious athletes cannot afford to miss a substantial amount of training or game time. A future or existing career may depend on rapid recovery.


Shoulder pain pumps have been touted as a miracle cure for the pain and downtime these injuries can cause. It is tragic that so many young athletes have been sidelined forever because of the permanent damage a shoulder pain pump has caused.

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You may have a claim against the manufacturer of the shoulder pain pump (I-Flow Corporation, Stryker Corp. or DonJoy, Inc.) or the physician that recommended its implantation. Please call our Dallas office at 214.987.0005 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney who can answer your questions and evaluate your case.


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