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Faulty Seat Belt Lawyers

Victims of Seat Belt Failures

While they are designed to provide protection in the event of a rear-end collision or other car accident, seat belts unfortunately fail at an alarming rate. In a head-on collision, a defect in the spooling mechanism can prevent the seat belt from catching quickly enough to prevent a driver or passenger from being thrown into the windshield, A-pillar or steering column. Other problems include:

  • Slack in shoulder harnesses or belt
  • Belt buckle failures
  • Unlatching upon impact, causing further injury due to recoil

The resulting injuries of seat belt failures can be life threatening or fatal, particularly in a rollover or roof crush accident. Without a proper safety harness, occupants may be partially or fully ejected from the vehicle, which greatly increases the risk of catastrophic or fatal injury.

If your seat belt failed in a car accident, no matter our minor, you could have rights to pursue a claim against the manufacturer. The skilled personal injury lawyers of Miller Weisbrod, LLP, are ready to help you. To discuss your case in a free consultation, contact us today.

Dallas Attorneys for Victims of Air Bag Failures

Failure to deploy is only one result of a defect in a vehicle's air bag system. Late deployment can exacerbate injuries in a crash. Overly powerful deployment can pose serious risk of face, head and neck injuries, especially in smaller passengers, women and the elderly. In addition, the gases that power air bag deployment may cause serious chemical burns to the face, neck and chest.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) attributed more than 200 deaths to faulty airbag deployment in low-speed or low-severity auto crashes from 1990 to 2001. Other serious injuries included tooth loss, eye injury, broken noses, whiplash, blindness, quadriplegia and partial decapitation. NHTSA also reports that over half those killed or injured by over-aggressive airbag deployment are children.

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