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Suzuki SUV Rollovers

Suzuki Samurai

The Suzuki Samurai gained an infamous reputation of being an unsafe car and prone to a rollover after Consumer Reports, the magazine arm of Consumers Union (CUSC), reported that during a 1988 test on the short course avoidance maneuver (Consumer Union Short Course Double Lane Change), the Samurai experienced what they deemed as an unacceptable amount of rollover while undertaking the severe turn. The rollover which CU deemed unacceptable stemmed from the sudden swerve simulation part of the test where, for example, a car backs out of a driveway or drives forward from a side street or intersection and into traffic, causing the driver to unexpectedly swerve to avoid hitting the object that is obstructing the driver's path. (Wikipedia)

"For most cars, the chance of rollover in an accident is less than 10%. Some cars, such as the Chevrolet Metro and the Suzuki Swift, can roll over about 20% of the time — as often as some SUVs." -USA Today

At least 213 people have died and 8,200 have suffered injuries in rollover accidents in the Suzuki Samurai. Suzuki has settled at least 176 lawsuits for monetary damages. Although the records of these settlements have been kept secret, it is believed that the amounts have been in the tens of millions.

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