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Corporate Responsibility Attorneys

Ultimately, the safety of American motorists who share the road with big rigs and tractor-trailers rests in the hands of the commercial trucking companies. It is their responsibility to ensure that their equipment meets safety standards and that their drivers comply with state and federal laws and regulations.

When a trucking company knowingly or negligently ignores evidence of driver wrongdoing such as speeding, negligent maintenance or over-hours truck driving, it may bear legal liability and moral responsibility to pay for the severe injuries, property damage and lost lives that result.

Almost every large trucking company or other commercial transportation operation has a team of lawyers and accident investigators who are on call day and night. It is their job to respond swiftly to limit potential corporate liability in a serious truck accident. This team may also be assisted by insurance company adjusters who frequently try to convince victims to sign away their rights.

The trucking company and insurance carrier have a common goal: to keep you from getting the compensation you may deserve. If you were hurt or a loved one was severely injured or died in a commercial trucking accident, it is vitally important that you speak with an experienced attorney before you give any statements or sign any papers.

The Dallas law firm of Miller Weisbrod is a recognized national leader in the fight against trucking company negligence. We help truck accident victims in Texas and nationwide. We welcome the opportunity to be your team, to protect your legal rights and to fight for maximum financial recovery for you and your family. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

When Is a Trucking Company Responsible for an Accident?
  • When a company knowingly sets a driver on a schedule it knows cannot be met without speeding or driving over hours and the resulting dangerous truck driver fatigue
  • When a trucking company knowingly or negligently allows drivers to falsify logs detailing hours, miles and safety checks
  • When a company fails to take appropriate measures to ensure that truck equipment is safe and maintenance is performed properly and in accordance with the law
  • When a company fails to conduct background checks or provide appropriate training of drivers
  • When a company knowingly puts a driver on the road who has a record of drug or alcohol abuse

These are only a few of the reasons a trucking company may be held liable to pay for the injury, property damage or wrongful death that can result from a serious truck accident. Proving trucking company liability may require immediate action by an experienced team of attorneys and investigators who are on the victims' side.

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