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Excessive Speeding Truck Drivers

Speeding is a leading cause of truck accidents in the United States. A speeding truck has so much momentum that the resulting accident is very likely to result in severe injury or death. In the face of this stark reality, truck drivers continue to exceed the speed limit and trucking companies turn a blind eye.

The experienced trial attorneys of Miller Weisbrod in Dallas serve the needs of truck accident and injury victims in Texas and nationwide. Our investigative team can be on the scene quickly to gather the evidence necessary to prove that a speeding truck was the cause of your accident.

Swift legal action may be required to protect your rights against trucking company and insurance carrier investigators who seek to limit their responsibility to pay. Evidence that the truck driver was speeding can easily be lost or obscured by others who do not care about protecting your interests. There is no time to waste. Contact us today to discuss your case in a free consultation.

The Truck Driver Was Speeding, But Who Should Pay?

Based on years of experience in a large number of high-profile cases nationwide, our personal injury trial lawyers are accomplished at getting to the root of this question. It is true that speeding truck drivers should bear responsibility for their actions, but what about the trucking company's responsibility to enforce the rules and regulations?

When intrastate, interstate or long-haul trucking companies ignore log book evidence, police reports or truck driver history of speeding, they may bear corporate responsibility to pay for the injuries, property damage or wrongful deaths that result when speeding trucks have the run of the road.

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Time is of the essence. Miller Weisbrod represents truck accident victims all across the United States. We can respond quickly to accident scenes nationwide.

To discuss your case in a free consultation with a personal injury trial lawyer who is a recognized leader in the fight against speeding trucks and the devastation they cause, please call our offices toll free at 888.987.0005 or contact us by e-mail today.